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Because there's no time like the present to write about the past

Living la vida loca (or, I'm a PhD candidate and all I do is READ)

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21 June
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I'm a PhD candidate (ABD) in American history and women's history. I attend a private midwestern university - the wonderful dream type of school where they pay your tuition and they give you a fellowship in exchange for slaving over books and student papers for hours and hours a bit of work. Now that I've completed my coursework requirements and qualifying exams, I'm in the dissertation stage, where it's all about writing, reading, and then teaching.

In addition, I friends-lock a lot of entries that have to do with teaching or my research.

As an undergraduate, I studied English and history and spent years saying I'd get a PhD in English, only to find out that really, I just like reading. And writing. A LOT. (Probably way more than is healthy for anyone.) I wrote an honors undergrad thesis on women in World War I, and after two years of working in corporate America and dreaming of grad school, I applied to one institution and got in. It's working out quite well so far.

I'm doing all of American history as my primary field, women's history as my other primary field, and world history as my minor field, just for kicks. I'm dabbling in digital humanities, something that's started just this year but should carry me through for a few years. I'm also into American Culture Studies.

This blog isn't really that exciting most of the time; while I wish I could say it's witty and entertaining, the fact of the matter is that it often turns out to be a recitation of the work I'm doing. I figure that serves at least one good purpose: to remind me of what I've accomplished (or failed to accomplish!). In addition, there may be random people out there who actually want to know that, in grad school? You read 3,000 pages a week. Sometimes.

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