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WANTED: one heaping dose of motivation
Please, please, please, please, PLEASE let me get this 15-20 pager drafted and well on its way today.



My winter "break" is calling...

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I'm also having problems with my last push. Just one more paragraph on pirates, and a REJECT REJECT paper. It's for an undergrad class, we are discouraged from using outside sources, it's only 7 pages long, and the graduate TA grades them. I just CAN NOT be bothered!

Wow, you've got a case of whatever I've got.

I've got a 1500 word (max) essay-- the topic of which is clear-cut, small, and involves only two texts, and (maybe) a thousand words left on an essay that I've already done all the hard work done, purely theoretical, using no sources other than the applications of said theory that I've already completed.

And here I am wishing my f-list was busier.

I even have a fire under my ass, given that I proctor an exam at 4:30, and after that, won't have time to work on my own stuff til long after it's due.

Haha, add me and I'll busy your friendslist. I'll busy it all night long.

But yeah... I think that when they give us small little reject-papers, the motivation dies quicker. I know I'd rather be challenged and feel triumphant when I finish, rather than sloppily constructing a work of bullshit and sighing with relief when I hand it in.

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