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Brain Fog
I've long been very good at two things: time management and self management. In particular, I've been really good at these two things as they relate to work or school, which is useful (as you might imagine).

This means that when I'm faced with crazy to-do lists during the semester, sure, I get stressed (who doesn't?), but in the end I know it'll all get done. Of COURSE I have those weeks where I think I'm going to fail everything and flunk out (although those happen only rarely now), but after two years, I think it's safe to say that I'll make it.

My summer has been mentally problematic, mostly, I believe, because nothing has gone the way I thought it would. As I've said before, this isn't necessarily a problem. I'd rather be sitting where I am right now and having this issue rather than having this issue AND dealing with my original summer schedule.

What I'm grappling with right now is the fact that I have 3 weeks until my archival trip. When I return, I have about a week and a half before classes start, although the MAIN class I'm taking won't start until after Labor Day. I'll get my TA assignment in the next few weeks, and then I'll have a much better idea, I think, of how this will all play out for the fall.

There are priorities, and there are priorities, and right now I'm trying to reconcile myself to What Will Get Done and Where That Will Leave Me. Ultimately, of course, everything will get done in its own time. So why am I worried?

I think I'm just a little more angsty than usual right now. Bear with me.


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