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That space between things
I'm feeling very in-betweenish and unsettled this weekend.

First, I spent this last week in the nebulous phase of having no schoolwork (but lots of books - the neverending pile), PLUS I had office hours for three straight afternoons. It made me realize how much I'll miss teaching this summer, and how much I'll miss these students.

Now, I'm fielding last-minute-ish emails from students (I count 4? or 5? different students so far today), and expect the same tomorrow and even perhaps into Monday morning. The papers will be turned in by 4 p.m. on Monday. I have 2 papers I could start grading already, but I'm just too darn tired. weekend I'm hosting a bridal shower, so today the other "of honor" and I went shopping for our gift and discussed events. Now I need to buy the super-cool prizes and gift bags I'm planning, then actually get the house in shape for the event next Saturday.

I don't handle in-between so well. I'll feel better in a bit. And maybe, too, when I get more reading done...

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Whew! what a busy weekend =)


Hey - I hope you don't mind if I add you - I've been meaning to for a while now! You've been very helpful while I've been applying to grad school and stuff, and it would be nice to have a few history folks on my list now that I'll be starting grad school in the fall.

Not a problem! I've added back - and good luck this fall! :)

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